Defyned Brands Wholesale

Defyned Brands was founded in 2015 and since then has become a leader in dietary supplement distribution through constant dedication to creating influential, cutting-edge, results-producing products.  Defyned Brands provides three diverse product lines comprised of 60+ products sold at thousands of retailers worldwide. Defyned Brands is the most convenient, best in class, one-stop shop in the dietary supplement industry!

-Austin, Tx based company that was founded in 2015.

-Centrally located US warehouse for fast shipping.

-Retail experts! Over 70+ years of retail experience on our executive team.

-One stop shop! 62 category leading products divided among three brands

-Efficacious & Insured! Full cGMP and DSHEA compliant products

-Full media and marketing support offered to partners (social media, samples, shirts, shakers) 

-Consistent inventory. 99% in stock rating to keep consumers hooked on our products

-Aggressive Pricing! High margins with strong MAP policy to make you profitable.

-Distributed both domestically & internationally

Anabolic Warfare

We weren't playing around when we developed Anabolic Warfare. Anabolic Warfare was made for those who like to grind. It was made for those that get up early or power through after work to spend hours at the gym breaking PR's and maximizing muscle growth. Not only are our products of the highest quality, but they are also designed to produce maximum results, strength, and performance.

Anabolic Warfare is the perfect line for those looking for a lot more than just a protein or basic BCAA. Anabolic Warfare is for those who treat time training like going to church. 

Our pre-workouts deliver insane, yet clean focus, ridiculous pumps, and anabolic BCAA's. We feature the best natural muscle builders on the market like Laxobolic, Epigrow and Creatine Carnage. Our Savage Series features Alpha Shredded, Androdrol, Cyclostane, Epivar and Trenatestin the most groundbreaking and aggressive anabolic lineup to ever be released. Anabolic Warfare is the perfect addition to up your game and adds the most hardcore products.


NutraOne was created under the premise that the supplement industry for too long has over-hyped products and under-delivered results. Our first priority is to create products that work for our customers. No matter what the goal is, we promise to provide the highest quality product to help with our customer's fitness journeys. 

We also provide a diverse array of products from health & wellness essentials and weight-loss, to pre or post-workout and proteins. Our high variety of product and variants provide many choices for your customers that meet their supplement needs. 

More importantly, all of our products meet label claims. We started NutraOne to provide a better product at the same price as the other guys. When you see NutraOne products on your shelves you know your customers are putting the best quality supplements in their bodies and will always return for more.

Foxy Fit

Foxy Fit is the most ideal women's supplement line to add to your shelves to bring in new female customers. Women are taking up a greater market share of supplement users than ever before.

Foxy Fit was inspired by hard-working women all over the country who asked us for quality products, developed by experienced fitness professionals, at a great value. Most importantly, however, they asked for products they could trust to fit into their busy, daily lifestyle without causing intrusions like jitters or stomach aches. We believe we've done that, and we've added additional benefits that are sometimes taken for granted - like great taste, biotin for healthy skin, hair and nails, and CLA for fat burning.

Whether you're looking to use our whole suite of products or you have specific needs, Foxy Fit has what women want and need.